Dependable and made to last medical supplies to promote your overall wellness.

Edna Pharmacy offers medical supplies to help you or your loved one manage your condition better and live a better quality of life.

  • Incontinence (i.e., briefs & diapers, underpads, incontinence accessories)
  • Diabetic supplies (i.e., lancets, glucose meter test strips, glucose meters)
  • Wound care (i.e., gauze, bandages, tapes, band-aids)
  • Nutritionals and feeding supplies (i.e., oral supplements, pediatric electrolytes, feeding tubes)
  • Ostomy (i.e., pouches, irrigation sleeves, colon and rectal tubes)
  • Ambulatory equipment (i.e., wheelchairs, transfer equipment, crutches)
  • Personal care (i.e., skin care, mouth care, personal hygiene accessories)
  • Aids for daily living (i.e., eye drops, utensil holders, first aid kits)
  • Therapy aids (i.e., reaching aids, non-slip matting, sock and stocking aids)

To find out what other supplies we offer, do not hesitate to send us a message online.